The German Chancellor welcomes the decision to use European funds to purchase weapons from outside Europe for Ukraine


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday welcomed decisions allowing European funds to be used to purchase weapons outside Europe for Ukraine, enabling it to obtain more advanced weapons it needs to confront Russian forces.

During his speech before the German Bundestag, prior to the European Union summit, Scholz stressed that this decision expresses solidarity and not economic policy.

This should also apply to profits from frozen Russian assets, Scholz added, noting that this could bring in up to 5 billion Euros this year and in the coming years.

Scholz stressed his recent discussions with French and Polish leaders.

He continued, saying, “We’ll support Ukraine as long as necessary; At the same time, we will ensure that NATO isn’t involved in this conflict, and we won’t accept a peace imposed at Kiev’s expense”.

The German leader stressed the importance of increasing arms production, and pointed to the recent agreement to build production capacity in Ukraine with partners there.

On Friday, Germany, France and Poland pledged to buy more weapons for Kiev and increase the production of military equipment with partners in Ukraine, and pledged that Ukraine could rely on the tripartite European powers in its attempt to overcome the shortage of military resources.

“We stand together – Germany, France, the Weimar Triangle, the entire European Union, and this is the message we want to send to Russia with all these decisions,” Scholz said.

He pointed out that if the Russian president believes that “sitting away from this war is enough, our support will not decrease, and he is wrong in his calculations”.

Kiev’s forces hope to obtain more military supplies from Ukraine’s Western partners, but at the same time they are struggling against a larger and better-armed Russian army, which is pressing hard on some front-line points in Ukraine.

European Union plans to produce one million artillery shells for Ukraine have failed, while aid to Ukraine in the United States has been halted due to political differences.

On the other hands, German Bundestag approved the purchase of four Patriot air defense systems for the German army.

The German Bundestag announced that the Budget Committee, after the Defense Committee, on Wednesday, gave the necessary approval to purchase these systems.

The German Air Force handed over two of its Patriot missile systems to Ukraine, and then it now has ten of these systems, which are among the most modern air defense systems in the world, and are being used to confront enemy aircraft, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles.

Defensive missiles can hit their targets at a distance of about 100 kilometers and at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers in an imaginary bell around their location, and this depends on the missile used.

Estimates indicate that the total cost of purchasing the four systems amounts to 1.3 billion Euros.

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