The Gaza truce enters its third day: Netanyahu’s office receives the list of prisoners scheduled to be released as part of the exchange deal with Hamas


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced that Tel Aviv received a list of hostages expected to be released on Sunday as part of a prisoner exchange deal.

The Prime Minister’s Office said early on Sunday that Israel received the list of hostages expected to be released later on Sunday, and the information was conveyed to their families.

On Friday, the temporary humanitarian truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions entered into force at 07:00 local time (05:00 GMT) and will last for 4 days, subject to extension.

On Friday, the Israeli authorities released 39 Palestinians, 24 women and 15 children, while Hamas released 13 Israeli women and children, some of whom hold dual citizenship, in addition to 10 Thais and one Filipino, who had been detained in Gaza since last October 7.

On Saturday evening, after a stumble, the second round of the exchange deal took place, where Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners, including 6 women and 33 children, while Hamas released 13 Israelis (6 women and 7 children) and 4 Thais.

The temporary humanitarian truce agreement includes the release of 50 Israeli prisoners from Gaza, in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinians from Israeli prisons, and the entry of hundreds of trucks loaded with humanitarian, relief, medical and fuel aid to all areas of the Strip.

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