The Financial Times: Sweden sets its first goal in confronting Russia after joining NATO


The Financial Times reported statements by Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, where he announced that his country had decided with its NATO allies to strengthen the defense of the island of Gotland against Russia.

Kristersson added during an interview with the Financial Times that Gotland has great strategic importance, and that this will be one of the topics raised in discussions within NATO.

The Swedish Prime Minister indicated that strengthening the defense of Gotland would be a priority for discussion with NATO partners.

Kristersson acknowledged that the Swedish military presence on Gotland is considered small, making it a weak point according to leaders of NATO countries.

He explained that there are many questions raised about how resources are used, and what should be focused more on.

He indicated that the discussion might address increasing the Swedish army’s presence in Jutland and deploying submarines in the region.

Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, is located about 330 kilometers from Kaliningrad Province, home of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

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