The European Union: Syria still represents great importance to us


Dan Stoinescu, Chargé d’Affairs at the European Mission in Syria, confirmed on Wednesday, February 14, that Syria remains a major priority for the European Union.

During a press conference, Stoinescu indicated that the European Union is using its political tools to provide humanitarian and non-humanitarian support to Syrians, with a continued focus on Shedding light on the situation in Syria.

The European official explained that the European Union will remain focused on exerting pressure to end the war through a political transition process in accordance with Resolution 2254, while paying attention to meeting the needs of Syrians and promoting democracy and human rights.

Stoinescu expressed his support for the efforts of the Special Envoy and his adoption of a “step by step” approach to strengthen the political process and resume the work of the Constitutional Committee.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees indicates that more than 14 million Syrians have fled their homes since 2011, and about 6.8 million displaced people live inside Syria, and approximately 5.5 million Syrian refugees live in Türkiye, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, according to news agencies.

In another development, the United Nations World Food Program announced on Tuesday that it was forced to reduce its food aid to Syrians by about half due to a lack of funding, as it was engaged in providing assistance to only about 2.5 million people out of about 5.5 million who were relying on this aid.

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