The European Union officially announces postponing the Euro-Arab ministerial meeting because of Syria’s return to the Arab League


The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said, on Sunday, that the sixth Arab-European ministerial meeting, which was scheduled to be held this week, has been postponed, due to the return of Damascus to carry out its activities in the Arab League.

This came in a joint press conference held by Borrell with the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and the European Union website published its contents.

Borrell added, “After the end of the talks between them, which were held at the university that the League of Arab States is an important partner for the European Union, and over the years, we have cooperated on many important issues such as terrorism, human rights and the peace process in the Middle East”.

He stressed that the sixth ministerial meeting between the European Union and the League of Arab States, which scheduled to take place this week, had to be postponed due to the readmission of Damascus to the League of Arab States.

He stressed that the readmission of Damascus to the League of Arab States is a sovereign decision, and we fully respect it, but we also see that this step took place even though Damascus didn’t make any meaningful efforts to resolve the conflict.

He explained that the last ministerial meeting between the two sides held in February 2019 in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

He pointed out that the position of the European Union will not change unless Damascus achieves progress in implementing United Nations resolutions, especially Security Council Resolution 2554.

On May 7, the League of Arab States announced an end to the freeze on the Damascus seat for about 12 years, against the backdrop of popular protests that erupted in 2011 to demand a peaceful transfer of power.

In turn, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed that the European Union’s cancellation of its meeting with the League of Arab States due to Syria’s return to the Arab fold is a missed opportunity and an unfortunate development for the relationship between the two groups.

Minister Shoukry said in a press conference with the European Union’s foreign policy official, Josep Borrell, that the decision to return Syria had to be appreciated by the European Union, and the cancellation of the meeting, which didn’t happen for the last time, until 4 years from now, is considered an unfortunate development.

Shoukry referred to the part of the meeting with Borrell, which was related to the meeting that was scheduled between the members of the League of Arab States and the countries of the European Union, indicating that he considered this relationship with 27 European countries to be a deep and complex relationship that both parties benefit from in the bilateral framework, as European countries continue to strive to strengthen its relations with the Arab countries and benefit from these economic relations.

He added, “Syria’s resumption of its seat in the university is a collective decision that was taken at the level of the Arab League and was prepared for through the Arab contact group that included Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and included at some stage the Syrian government represented by the Syrian Foreign Minister, and during these meetings a map was drawn up”.

A path and its adoption on restoring the normalization of Arab and Syrian relations, and focused on the full implementation of Resolution 2254 of the UN Security Council.

He added, “The meeting also dealt with all other issues that are in the interest of the Syrian people, which we thought would be appreciated by our partners in Europe, and interest in this close relationship, and that this meeting, which was last held 4 years ago, would take place”.

Shoukry continued at the press conference: “We hope to overcome it quickly due to our keenness, because we consider it a missed opportunity at the level of this relationship, out of our keenness and interest in this relationship at the bilateral and institutional level, with appreciation that all the efforts made by Egypt and its Arab brothers are in the care of the Syrian people who He suffered a lot during the past ten years, and each of us must bear his responsibility for this suffering, transcend the past, look forward, and how to deal with issues in a way that restores stability.

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