The end of the Paris meetings on truce in Gaza with optimism to reach for an agreement


An official Egyptian source confirmed the end of the Paris meetings between Egypt, Qatar, the United States and Israel, regarding the truce in the Gaza Strip, and the continuation of efforts during this week.

There are new signs of optimism about the possibility of moving forward towards starting serious negotiations.

Earlier Friday, talks began in Paris aimed at establishing a truce in Gaza to stop the fighting in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip, and to release Israeli and foreign detainees held by Hamas, amid optimism from the mediators that they can move forward towards starting negotiations on Gaza.

On Friday, according to Reuters, the ceasefire talks began with the head of the Israeli Mossad meeting separately with each side, including Qatar, Egypt and the United States.

According to Israeli Channel 13, it’s estimated in the Israeli security establishment that an agreement will be reached in Paris on a first phase during which dozens of those kidnapped by Hamas will be released for humanitarian reasons, in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners, and the withdrawal of the Israeli army from certain places in the Gaza Strip, without committing to a ceasefire and end the fight.

A Hamas official said that the movement had concluded ceasefire talks in Cairo, and that it was now waiting to see what the mediators would return from the weekend talks with Israel.

The mediators intensified their efforts to reach a ceasefire in Gaza, hoping to stave off an Israeli attack on the city of Rafah, where more than a million displaced people live on the southern edge of the Strip.

Israel says it will attack the Palestinian city of Rafah if a truce agreement is not reached soon.

Washington called on Israel not to do so, warning of heavy civilian casualties if the attack on the city continued.

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