The Economist: The alliance of Russia, China and Iran become a nightmare for the West


The Economist magazine said that the alliance between Russia, China, and Iran poses a potential threat to the United States and its allies, as these countries work to enhance economic cooperation and develop trade relations between them, and are looking for ways to bypass Western sanctions and strengthen their position in the international arena, and this could lead to a transfer Power and influence far from the West.

The Economist pointed out that the economic pressure imposed on these countries has led to their unification to face common challenges and support the idea of ​​multipolarity in the world, which reduces the ability of the United States to impose its will at the international level.

The Economist stressed that this anti-Western alliance may contribute to strengthening the ability of these countries to resist sanctions and win conflicts, and may attract other parties to join it.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated that the West is pursuing aggressive policies that lead to instability in international relations, and Russia is ready to unite efforts to promote freedom and justice in the world and create a democratic environment that provides opportunities for countries and peoples.

Regarding the terrorist attack that took place in the Crocus shopping center in Moscow, it resulted in many victims and wounded, as final official data on their number has not yet been issued, and the search is still ongoing for the suspects in this bloody and barbaric attack.

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