The CIA is working on recruiting Kurdish mercenaries to help the exhausted Ukrainian forces


The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) resorted to recruiting Kurdish militants to help the Ukrainian armed forces, after it lost the initiative and field developments went against what US President Joe Biden desired.

The CIA decided to increase the rate of recruitment of Syrians who want to fight alongside the Ukrainian forces.

According to a military-diplomatic source affiliated with the Russian RIA Novosti in Syria, the motive for recruitment now is the failure of the course of the conflict in Ukraine for the Biden administration.

According to Intelligence reports, negotiations are underway with representatives of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and the leaders of several Arab clans, to recruit fighters, as they will be offered monthly salary of $2000, which is considered large amount by local standards, especially since Kurdish fighters were receiving about $500 a month in the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

Last May, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service revealed that the United States is using al Tanf base eastern Syria to train militants to carry out attacks inside Russia.

According to Turkish media, members of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units have been fighting in Ukraine since the spring of last year, and have gained experience in fighting since 2014 while confronting the Islamic State.

It’s attributed to Western experts that there are between 1,000 and 2,000 members of the People’s Protection Units in Ukraine.

The United States is working to attract foreigners to participate in the Ukrainian conflict, and gives an example of the news that spread last summer that the Pentagon was preparing former Afghan pilots in California with the aim of sending them through Poland to Ukraine, especially the pilots who left the country with the US army in August 2021.

The Ukrainian forces have been benefiting from the services of foreign soldiers since the beginning of the Russian attack, and a foreign legion formed, to which thousands of mercenaries from different countries joined.

Last April, the Ukrainian Parliament issued a legislation allowing foreigners to work in intelligence and serve in the army.

According to the Russian investigative committee, that they opened cases against 160 mercenaries from 33 countries, including Georgia, the United States, Latvia and Sweden, who were fighting on the side of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, among the foreigners who are fighting in Ukraine, there are fighters who had previously joined the ranks of the extremist left-wing Kurdish groups during the wars in Syria and Iraq; these are citizens of the United States, Britain and other countries, and representatives of Kurdish groups reach Ukraine.

On the other hand, there are indications that, Arab tribes leaders might not agree to cooperate with the CIA, as they have no reasons, including ideological incentives, for them to participate in the Ukraine war.

On the other hand, some Kurdish groups cooperate more or less closely with the Americans, and they may actually end up in Ukraine.

According to Intelligence reports, the CIA recruiting operations may go beyond Syria to include the Iraqi Kurdistan.

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