The British newly appointed Foreign Secretary: There is no security for Israel without long-term security for the Palestinians


The former prime minister and new British Foreign Secretary David Cameron warned Israel that it wouldn’t live in security unless there was long-term safety, security and stability for the Palestinians.

In his first press interview after assuming the position of Foreign Secretary, on Friday, Cameron welcomed the temporary truce in the Gaza Strip, which was announced for the release of hostages and prisoners and the entry of humanitarian aid.

He pointed out, however, that the number of civilian casualties in Gaza is very large, stressing that Israel must abide by international humanitarian law.

Cameron urged Israel to stop settler violence in the West Bank, which he described as completely unacceptable.

Cameron said, “It’s important for Israel to realize that it must act in a way that ensures long-term security”.

He noted that security in the end will depend on the Palestinians living in peace, stability and security on this land at the same time.

It’s noteworthy that the first detainee exchange between Israel and Hamas took place on Friday after long indirect negotiations mediated by Qatar and Egypt.

A four-day truce was declared in the Gaza Strip in order to exchange detainees and bring humanitarian aid into the Strip.

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