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The Russian city of East, Vladivostok will witness the Eighth International East Economic Forum, from September 10 to 13, 2023, as the eighth edition of the forum will bear the slogan “On the path of cooperation, peace and prosperity”.

Russia is witnessing a group of global events, especially those that carry economic, social and cultural dimensions in recently, but the great irony is that all of these events have increased after the imposition of Western sanctions, and after and in the depth of the military operation in Ukraine, so that Russia is now dealing with major international issues, at a time when Western sanctions were supposed to lead Russia to a complete isolation, and turn it into a “pariah state” as Uncle Joe in Washington likes to say.

The paradox here is that the nation, which is supposed to be suffering under the burden of sanctions and isolation, is in a much better condition than those who imposed this siege, as evidenced by its transition from one forum to another, and taking part in events, one after another.

Russia managed to continue active presence in a large number of international issues, and without the battles in Donbas affecting, and even with the Ukrainian targeting the Russian interior itself, which is another evidence that confirmed the arguments and justifications of Russia in its military operations, because it simply faces insecure borders.

It was necessary, long ago, to find real solutions to ensure security there, and not to exaggerate trust in those who were believed to be friends, especially those who built the prosperity of their countries thanks to cheap Russian support.

Today, they are paying dearly for the its deprivation, and the coming days and current figures testify.

Since the beginning of 2023, Russia has hosted or participated in a large number of major international events, such as its hosting of the St. Petersburg Forum last June, its hosting of the Russian-African summit, the Valdai Forum on International Security and Cooperation, in addition to its recent participation in the BRICS summit in South Africa, which is still underway, where the results of that summit remain the main talk in global media.

This September, the city of Vladivostok will host the economic forum, which culminates in its eighth year.

The forum will receive official delegations from many countries with hundreds of international and local personalities.

The Eastern Economic Forum has become a key international platform for creating and strengthening ties between the Russian and global investment community, and offers comprehensive expert assessment of the economic potential of the Russian Far East, presenting its investment opportunities and business conditions in the priority development areas.

The campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok is the place for Russia’s global presence as it taking its role with the international community, to continue building a new comprehensive model of potential investment opportunities and businesses.


The History of the Forum

In may 2015, and by a special decree signed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Eastern Economic Forum saw the light, to become an annual opportunity to promote the development of the economy of the Far East and expand international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

During the forums since 2015, the East Economic Forum has consolidated its place within the international agenda that witnesses wide participation of countries and companies that wish to further expand and enhance their international presence, especially in the well-known South and East Asia region, with the prestige it represents.


The 8th is an extension to the 7th achievements

In fact, nothing can talk about what the forum can accomplish in its eighth year except to take an analytical view and looking to numbers of the results of last year’s forum.

The 7th Eastern Economic Forum, like the previous ones, cemented the results achieved for the sake of moving forward in the development of the Far East.

Over the past two years, the world has been struggling to get out of the Covid spiral, as the forum occasion in its seventh edition was a real breather, and even the circumstances of the war in Ukraine didn’t prevent the forum from achieving distinguished international participation that included delegations from a large number of countries, with more than 7,000 guests took part.

And despite sanctions and external pressure, the development of the Far East continues, as Western sanctions and external restrictions didn’t affect the forum from achieving its objectives.

Going to numbers, with 2729 investment projects are being implemented in the Far East, 525 of them have already been put into operation.

The economy of the microregion received investments around 2.7 trillion rubles (around $29 Billion), which help created more than 100,000 jobs opportunities, with more than 290 agreements have been signed at the Forum, that worth of 3.27 trillion rubles ($34.25 Billion).

Besides, the forum as it was created to become a platform for dialogue with business, receiving feedback from entrepreneurs and society on the most pressing issues of the development of the Far East, as more than a hundred events were held within the framework of the Forum.

The record number of investment agreements, and memorandums that were signed covered many sectors such as various infrastructure construction and development projects, transportation, industrial and agriculture development.


Participants reveal the size of the achievements

The Forum was attended by over 7,000 participants and media representatives from 68 countries and territories, including Russia, with 1,700 business representatives from 700 companies from around the world.

Over 100 events were held as part of the main forum program, and more than 70 were organized at thematic venues.

More than 750 speakers and moderators took part in the events, which took place in the formats of sessions, business dialogues and round tables.

The most numerous foreign delegations were representatives of China, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Armenia, and the Republic of Korea, the ASEAN countries, plus the forum witnessed the participation of countries for the first time, Algeria, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, Zambia, Cameroon, Liberia, Uganda.


The far East where the good is

There is no secret that the South and East Asia region constitutes an important development and economic center, due to the size of the resources available in this part of the world, in addition to its vial location in world’s supply chains routes.

Therefore, existence of a forum of this size that is held annually, in a city such as Vladivostok with all its economic and geographical status, even its status as a distinguished tourist destination on the Pacific coast, and where one of the most important ports of the eastern pacific is located.

The Forum events are traditionally held in the format of panel sessions, round tables, televised debates, business breakfasts and business dialogues dedicated to Russia’s relations with various countries of the world.

This Forum was from its beginning a vital window for Russia to communicate with leading partner countries in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the ASEAN tigers, as they represent the key integration group of rapidly developing countries in Southeast Asia.


Welcome to the Far East!

The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Rospotrebnadzor, Rostourism, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Rosreestr and JSC Roskartografiya presented their expositions at the exhibition “Welcome to the Far East!”.

Acquainting guests and participants of the Forum with the most important areas their work, existing and future projects.

The Russian Federal Agency for Fishery organized the “Russian Fish House” chalet, where guests and participants of the Forum could not only get acquainted with the largest investment projects of fishing and fish processing companies in the Far East region, but also taste gourmet seafood and fish dishes prepared by chefs from top restaurants in Moscow and Vladivostok.

The Ministry of Sports of Russia presented two pavilions at once, “Sport is the norm of life” and “TRP Arena”, which hosted the open international Cup of the Far East “TRP Games – 2022” for the first time.

Also, and within the framework of the 7th edition of the forum, the work of thematic sites was organized, as the Territory of Innovations, the Governors’ Lounge, the Roscongress Club and the International Center for Joint Initiatives (ICJI), the Junior Point and the VinoGrad site.

On the embankment of Ajax Bay, all 11 regions of the Far East presented their potential and achievements in the field of economy, culture and tourism.

In 2022, for the first time, special zones were opened at the exhibition, where the events of the business program were held, Youth multimedia and discussion creative campus “Soul of Russia. North”; pavilion of the Ministry of Sports of Russia; Indigenous house.

Also opened for the first time the interactive pavilion “House of the Tiger”, timed to coincide with the II International Forum on the Conservation of the Tiger; pavilions “Developing the Far!” (Ministry of the Far East Development of Russia together with the KRDV) with a large multimedia exposition and thematic modules “Nedra”, “Land”, “Forest”, “Water”; “House of Indigenous Peoples” and a three-star hotel from the corporation “Tourism.RF”.

Lastly, as the city of Vladivostok, and the Russian Federation as whole, is welcoming the world to join the Eastern Economic Forum in its 8th edition this September, the road is wide a full of achievements and gains to be reached, with a door wide open for everyone looking to take part in the new formation of an economic, social, and cultural development model, based primarily on pluralism, far from exploitation, colonialism, and imposing policies, as today’s world knows its new compass that leading to a better and just.

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