Syrian refugees in Turkey

Despite the relatively quiet battles and wars in Syria over the past weeks, especially in the north, the Syrians followed their emigration and their unknown departure to Turkey for life and safety, according to the latest report by the Turkish Immigration Department that counted the number of registered Syrian in Turkey that reached 3 million 570,000 refugees.

In its latest data, the Directorate of Immigration Management of Turkey confirmed that the number of male refugees amounted to just under 2 million; while the female number of Syrian refugees was 1,634,853, with most of them live in different cities and towns after they left the shelters, where only 216,890 people remained in.

The Syrians usually travel to major cities, and those that bring them closer to decent life, and there are large numbers of them chose from the city of Istanbul, near Europe, refuge for them, amounting to 563 thousand and 15 people, according to Turkish channel TRT.

The report of the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey didn’t mention the method of counting the numbers involved, especially that a large number of Syrian refugees decided to return home after the intensity of the fighting in the north of Syria got low, and there are numbers haven’t settled in Turkey so far, and they have been constrained as refugees, which makes the number double, questioning the figures and their aim, especially as international organizations and the European Union provide financial aid and to them relief.

The agency confirmed that until June the Syrian who entered the city of Kilis, according to the statistics are about 95% of the city’s population that is located near the Syrian borders.

A number of Syrians have been able to obtain Turkish citizenship since the beginning of the war, where the number of holders of Turkish nationality among the Syrians so far reached 55,583 Syrians, most of them holders of certificates and high education, in addition to outstanding students and traders, where the Turkish authorities aspire to naturalize more who They have the experience, the energy and the capital to benefit from them, while their country loses them while the war is still going on.

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