Syrian official: 82 planes have arrived to aid Syria after earthquake


The Director of Syrian Civil Aviation, Bassem Mansour, confirmed that the total number of aid planes that arrived in the country amounted to 82, from several countries, including Russia and Iran, pointing out that Saudi Arabia asked the Syrian government for permission to land planes, and arrangements are being made for it now.

Mansour said, in statements to the Russian Sputnik news agency, on Monday, that 82 aid-planes arrived in Syria, distributed to three airports, and the nationalities of these planes are diverse, including 6 planes from Iran, 11 from Iraq, and 3 from Russia.

He added that the number of countries that participated in the aid is 23, and Saudi Arabia has requested permission to land, and a flight line is currently being arranged for Saudi planes.

The official Saudi Press Agency, SPA, reported last Tuesday that King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman directed the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action to operate an air bridge and provide health, shelter, food and logistical assistance to mitigate the effects of the earthquake on the two Syrian people.

Al Turki and the organization of a popular campaign through the Sahem platform to help the earthquake victims in Syria and Türkiye.

The death toll from the earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria jumped to more than 37,500 people by Monday.

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