Syrian American Council: The US congress will vote on a bill preventing normalization with Damascus


The head of the Syrian American Council, Farouk Bilal, which is a Syrian opposition figure, said that they had received a promise to issue a new bill stipulating the prevention of normalization with Damascus.

In an interview with a Syrian opposition TV channel, Bilal explained that they have been working on this law for two years, after the Arab countries began normalization with Syria, and some of them reopened their embassies in Damascus, such as the UAE.

He added, “Due to of the Biden administration’s refusal, its issuance was delayed, and after the 2022 midterm elections, which led to the transition of the House of Representatives to the Republicans, the project was handed over to Republican Joe Wilson, known for his support for the Syrian opposition, and his criticism of the policy of the democratic administrations in their dealings with the Syrian issue”.

Bilal indicated that they worked with Wilson at the beginning of this year in secret to formulate a mechanism to combat normalization with Damascus, until the project came out to the public on May 16 of this year.

He mentioned that they held a meeting recently in the state of Texas with one of the most prominent representatives of the state in the House of Representatives, and promised them to vote soon on the draft resolution in the House of Representatives, especially after the success of the project in obtaining 39 votes out of 40 in the Foreign Relations Committee of the House of Representatives on May 16.

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