Syria gives back the Order of the French Chorus of Honor

«President Assad is not honored to be awarded the Order that comes from a slave state to the United States of America».

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs restored the Order of the French Legion of Honor to the French Republic through the Romanian Embassy in Damascus, which sponsors the French interests in Syria.

The Order of the French Legion of Honor was awarded by the former President Jacques Chirac to the Syrian President, during his visit to France in June 2001.

The source of the presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic, that the response to the medal for France comes after its participation in the aggression launched by the tripartite with the United States and Britain on Syria on April 14…

It comes to emphasize that President Assad doesn’t honor him to be awarded the Order of a slave state of the States that supports terrorist groups in Syria and attacks a member state of the United Nations in flagrant violation of the most basic rules and principles of the international law.

The source pointed out that Syria has always respected its international relations and the right of peoples to self-determination, and therefore rejects any foreign dictates of any person, especially when these regimes are politically adolescent and have no experience, wisdom or indignity.

Systems based on personal interests at the expense of the interests of peoples Deserve only contempt.

The statement added that the time of colonialism and the enslavement and dictation of peoples has passed and that the Syrian people, who have stood with their army to fight terrorism for seven years, will not be frightened or intimidated by childish policies.

French media have reported that the French government began the procedure to strip the medal from the Syrian president earlier to the action carried out by the Syrian government.

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