Syria Democratic Forces coalition has said it doesn’t want to engage in a war with Turkey, warning its leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the attack on any Kurdish areas east of the Euphrates would turn the border region into a battlefield.

In an interview with the newspaper “Yeni Ozgor Politika” Kurdish in the Netherlands, the commander-in-chief of the Syria Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, who said that the ground is ready, and his forces ready to provocation and conspiracies of the Turkish state, which mobilized large forces on the border with the Syrian north.

He added: “It cannot be repeated here (in the East Euphrates) what happened in Afrin, we’ll never allow it  …

If the Turkish army to attack any of our regions, it will cause a major war.”

He said that the Turkish army’s attack on the area of ​​Cree Sabi (White Hill) “will transform the area from Manbaj to Derek to a broad fighting front”, and pointed out that the leadership of the “Syria Democratic Forces” has told its decision to the international coalition countries against “ISIS”, including the United States And France.

Abdi stressed that such a war would lead to a second internal war in Syria and would last until Turkey withdrew.

“We’ve an agreement with the United States regarding the war against ISIS, and our war with ISIS is now in the areas of Al Raqqa and Deir Al Zour.

If there is an attack on us, the people’s protection units, which are Within the Syria democratic forces to the border areas, and the occurrence of that means the cessation of the war on a duel ..

This will harm the agreement. “

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