Study: Due to racism and high level of discrimination… France loses many high qualified French Muslims who had to leave the country


A newly published study has revealed that highly qualified French Muslims, often from immigrant families, are leaving France in search of new beginnings in other cities around the world because of racism and discrimination.

The results of a poll titled “France, you love it but you leave it” showed that of the more than 1,000 people who answered the questions, 71% cited racism or discrimination to explain the choice to leave France.

France prohibits ethnic and religious statistics, but for years several surveys have documented discrimination against French citizens of immigrant origin in the areas of employment, housing, security checks, and more.

According to its data, a candidate with a traditional French name has a nearly 50% greater chance of getting a job than someone with an Arabic name, the Inequality Observatory stated in its 2023 report.

France’s special relationship with secularism and frequent disagreements over the Islamic veil have also caused unease for some.

Study co-author Olivier Esteves told Le Monde, “There is a real French peculiarity in this case; In our country, women who wear the hijab are relegated to the margins of society, and it is especially difficult for them to find work. Thus, veiled women who want to work are pushed to leave France”.

France is a former colonial power and an immigration country, so a large number of its population is of Maghreb and African origin.

The children of immigrants who have come in search of a better life are French, but many feels like foreigners in their own country and “second-class citizens,” especially since the 2015 attacks.

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