Sochi the road to the dream of peace

The world awaits the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi; it may be the solid base on which to build what can be a new building for Syria, which we hope to be the light at the end of the tunnel of this devastating war, that it didn’t left a stone on another through these past Seven years.

There is no doubt that Sochi conference faced throes of a difficulties until it reached the stage of fact held.

Russia as the host of the conference fought many secret & public talks & entered into the framework of secret and open deals here & there with all without exception.

We can say that Russia enters negotiations, talks & debate with various in order to access into this critical stage of the Syrian crisis, with the main objective that is going on the orbit of reaching for a solution to end the war in Syria, through the axis of which is called the tripartite alliance led by Russia, as well as the two guarantors countries of Iran & Turkey, which they both considered as a balance in the region, the fact that the both countries represent Muslim majority Sunni & Shiite in the region & both are not an Arab country of course.

The historical links for both Iran & Turkey makes them two important countries in the region to ensure balance & stability; they both have a significant role in offer to terminate the Syrian crisis, although they both are strongly involved in its events to the bone.

Both Iran & Turkey’s role within the crisis in Syria (government & opposition including the armed groups that fight alongside both sides), both two countries been accused in Involvement in the crisis.

Syrian opposition accuses Iran intervention in favor of the government against the opposition.

As for Turkey, it stands by the other side, where facilitated & supported ease the arrival of armed militant & supported the Syrian opposition financially & militarily, and become refuge for the majority of the opposition figures & parties, of course without losing sight of the roles of both Qatar & Saudi Arabia.

however at the end, it has to be certain stage & this is the wisdom of Russia which is imposed by geography & strategy, by the importance of both role of Iran & Turkey in the region as crucial in order to bring end to the Syrian crisis, therefore Russia was able to form a coalition that will logically balance required in the region to reach the desired peace.

The three countries alone can through a unified solid base lead to a consensus to reach a solution that satisfies all parties & preserves the interests of everyone, including the interests of Syria build as a unified state as it is & should be.

There is no doubt that the arrival of Sochi Conference faced many international pressures & attempts to prevent its convening & failure.
Everyone has special interests & wishes to play a role that may transcend the borders of many of them.

Most of those forces that reluctant the conference are the how supported terrorism & had a destructive role & still on the ground, such as the American role.

The United States in a tried directly through political pressure or attempt to create disturbances on the Syrian field to block the progress of the Syrian forces & Russian troops on the ground to defeat terrorism of extremist such as ISIS & HTS.

At a time when the United States announced both organizations, two terrorist organizations openly under light, were secretly in the dark allowing the two organizations to continue fighting in various ways.

Not only the United States role was limit to that, but they even used the International Organization of the United Nations to play a destructive role to prevent any progress in the political process that led by Russia to find a solution to end the Syrian war.

Over the past years, the United States insists working day & night to obtain decisions & attempts to use military force to reach more like what it has done in Iraq & Libya, however, it was the Russian Veto that was a solid obstacle in the face of the United States desires.

Russia’s ultimate goal was to support the international effort to achieve peace in Syria within the international community, without using the same methods adopted by some countries on many international issues, which all failed miserably.

In spite of the existence of almost an international consensus today on convening this conference, we still hear some of the voices including some countries come out publicly to oppose the conference at a time when they under the table support it to take place, hoping perhaps to get something off setting their losses.

Today, reality on the ground, speaks to itself, the fact that Russia has succeeded in imposing on everyone without exception, everyone has arrived in conviction after seven years of destruction, terrorism & crises with the influx of refugees & the fear of turning Syria into a hotbed of terrorism that can export terrorism to the entire world, this reality forced those countries to continue supporting the Russian effort to reach a solution to the Syrian crisis for good & reach a real results to end the Syrian tragedy.

Currently invitations to attend the conference was addressed to the Syrian opposition stationed inside Syria, which will represented by 400 individual figures while the Syrian government will represented by 680 personnel, the rest are represent Syrian opposition outside Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry invited 1,600 representatives from the Syrian community to participate in addition, inviting the United Nations, the permanent members of the Security Council in addition to Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Kazakhstan as observers.

The Syrian opposition groups to participate from various political groups & parties etc… form different platform & background & funding sources & residence, also there are an armed groups involved, the army of Islam as a Saudi financier, the US-backed Eastern-Lions Army & the group of Ahmed Al-Abdo subsidiary of the Southern front of the free Syrian army, with information on their accession of along with Turkey in the olive branch operation.

There are also groups of factions affiliated with the Free Syrian Army in the northern sector, most of them in Idlib & the rest of members of the shield of Euphrates Group which backed by Turkey.

There are group of Ahrar Al-Sham affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood & those who remained under the Turkish wing also after they were defeated by the HTS and their presence on the ground in Idlib.

What stopped me is some funny levels of what some sides used to oppose the conference, when they talking about Russia’s role in the crisis to the benefit of the Syrian government militarily & politically, there are voices emerged of talking about the Sochi as a city & why it was chosen to be the city to host the conference, talking about the genocide of its native Circassians populations by the Tsarist Russia in the 19th century.

Who came out with these words trying to fish in turbid water in two ways:

First: Why do you want to incite the Ciracssian in or outside Syria to become against the conference?

Is it not enough to what destruction that has happened to Circassians in Syria?

The most areas that Circassians in Syria used to live been destroyed.
Is not that enough?

Second: is that, however came out with this issue, absolutely care less about the Cirassians nor even Syria, I don’t want to say that Circassians in Syria or in general have forgotten what happened to them in the past, but to go into research in this issue requires a special talk & discussion with historical facts which may talked about it Soon separately.

But today our talk is about Syria, with the Circassians of Syria in the end are Syrian citizens & they care about the future of Syria, the fate of Syria means a lot to them, because they are part of it & they have rights in it same as all other Syrian sects because they paid dearly in all the Syrian historical periods & they played a big role in building Syria & its history.

What happened in Sochi in the past had happened & been ended, but my answer to those who talk is very short.

The reason for the selection of Sochi as a venue for the conference is a Russian logistical & personal reasons related to the climate & matters related to purely promotional & touristic purposes.

Russia has been able to host this conference in Moscow or St. Petersburg, or even somewhere in Siberia!

Where is the importance, is it the venue or the outcome?

Russia is not a state run by a handful of children to say that there are Russian intentions to hold the conference in Sochi just because its inhabitants to what took place in the past, Russia is seeking for peace conference.

Russia didn’t think this way & even if they thought about that, perhaps could be ironic to be this city’s role to end bloodshed in Syria & become the birthplace of peace in Syria, the place that will end one of the most humanitarian crises that world has seen since years.

If Russia wanted to behave in this mentality of puerile, it can simply hold the conference in Grozny, to let the world see the city that someday fell victim under Wahabi terrorism, take a look at it today how it live & built blessed with peace, tranquility & civilization & advancement & progress.

It was very simply for Russia to hold the conference in Stalingrad (Currently known as Volgograd) that the city was destroyed by the Nazi terrorism in World War II, today it became a sophisticated city has returned to life & prosperity again.

It’s simply apart of psychological games to impact the participants in the conference, but Russia doesn’t actually need those methods, because it’s intention is honest & seriously want termination of the war.

The funny actually & unthinkable that someone that low could come & use such talk about the city that hosting the conference, the United States held many conferences in the past in states, that its native people were slaughtered, no one heard anyone speaks or talk about that, I wonder why?

These stupid methods reflect the voices of actors that don’t want to end the war in Syria, It has become known today, for all & for those who want to open their eyes to the fact that they know those sides.

Who supported terrorists with money; weapons & figures who have amassed fortunes thanks to war are opposing ending it.

On top of who opposes Is the United States, they didn’t think about hold a peace conference one day in Washington, unlike Russia, the one who speaks & works for peace, its Russia, not the United States.

The lack of desire to put end to the war comes from opposition parties & these are the ones who win at the expense of Syrian blood & the destruction of the country.

They have become owners of wealth & they have a direct interest in the continuation of the war to collect more wealth, who ever goes & visit the Turkish city of Istanbul, for example, visiting the old market where the goldsmith markets, discover that the owners of these shops are from the Syrian opposition, they have bought those shops and they paid their price in cash.

Where this freaking cash came from?

Some gulf states send for instance $10, $1 as humanitarian supports which being maximize in the media to look like 1 Million, then they sen the rest $9 which is in fact an actual 9 million which so called Rebels outside Syria puts at least $5 in their pockets & send the rest $4 or what’s left to fighting rebels in Syria.

Many of those rebels don’t even wants to return to Syria, they return & leave there houses & business & wealth that the collected.

They don’t even care about the future of Syria or the fate of the people of Syria, what they care about their one personal interests, even if they succeeded to overthrown the Syrian regime; they will be more corrupted & that for simple reason which they will come with greed & ambition of power on their minds.

I’ll not be surprised that Syria will return back to regular series on military coups to obtain power in Syria, simply this is the nature of Syria & the history of Syria.

Some people tried to imitate what took place in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya & Yemen, the situation turned like flu virus reached its infection to the Syrian & the result was an epidemic that kills everyone.

Who doesn’t want to end the war is who collect money on the expense of Syrian refugees smuggled to Europe & subject them to death & horrors, with prior knowledge that whoever manage to reach Europe will be sent back from where they came from sooner or later, because no one wants them in their country, this is fact & reality.

Fishes of the Mediterranean had gain weight from the flesh of Syrians, who drowned in & their peaces scattered in the European roads & wilderness & at snow of the north, no day passes without reading, hearing & seeing incidents & crimes that have their participants & victims of Syrians in Europe.

Ask Germany or simple ask Mrs. Merkel, that her political career was ended by the Syrians.

The Syrian «Rebels» have succeeded to overthrow all regimes & governments in the world, wherever they go, except in Syria, why is that?

Today we reached a stage that bloodshed of the Syrian people must stop, we reached today to a level that thinking of brining back whoever been forced to leave.

The Syrian people & Syrian youth to return to work & rebuild to bring back life, to fix the destruction & to find & reach for political solutions to reunite the Syrian people & not to differentiate between them.

Just as everyone bears responsibility of Syrian blood, everyone has to take responsibility for restoring life to the Syrians.

Today Russia hosts everyone in Sochi in order to let everybody to put end of the killing, who host the conference intend for peace & has no intentions for this murder & destruction to continue.

Only those who oppose it want for killing to continue.

Killing must stop, whoever see the Syrian map today, after seven years of fighting notes the fact that the Syrian government, that is internationally recognized, is the force that control the majority of Syrian soil.

We do not want to go into many of hidden agreements, because there are facts that would resolve behind the scenes, away from the media, we’ve reached the stage that should be a termination of the war in Syria & Sochi may be & we wish to be the first & critical step to reach the desired peace & wanted life to emerge beneath the destruction & blood.

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