Seymour Hersh: A group of countries led by Poland secretly calls on Zelensky to end the conflict by resigning but he’s refusing


The American journalist Seymour Hersh stated that a group of countries led by Poland is secretly calling on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to end the conflict in the country, even at the cost of his resignation.

Hersh, who won the Pulitzer Prize, continued that the Ukrainian president rejects the proposals of those countries to end the war, at a time when Zelensky began to lose support among his neighbors.

This came in an article Hersh published on his page entitled “The Issue of Ukrainian Asylum,” in which he deals with the issue of the influx of millions of displaced Ukrainians into Europe, where he says that Zelensky’s neighbors are pushing him to seek peace in an attempt to stop that.

Hersh continues that the Washington Post published, last Saturday, a disclosure of secret US intelligence documents showing that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, through his work behind the back of the Biden White House administration, pushed hard earlier this year for an expanded series of missile attacks inside Russia.

The documents were part of a large series of classified materials released by an Air Force recruit who is now in custody.

A senior official in the Biden administration said, commenting on the disclosure of the new documents, according to Hersh, that Zelensky never violated his pledge not to use American weapons at all to strike targets inside Russia.

From the White House’s perspective, Zelensky could have made no such mistake.

Hersh notes that Zelensky’s desire to take the war to Russia may not be obvious to the US president and senior foreign policy aides in the White House, but it is clear to the US intelligence community, which finds it difficult to get a chance to bring their intelligence and assessments to the Oval Office.

At the same time, massacres continue in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), according to Hersh, which are similar in their “foolishness, if not in numbers, to the massacres of Verdun and the Somme during World War II,” while “those responsible for today’s war in Moscow, Kiev and Washington do not even show any interest with temporary cease-fire talks that could serve as a precursor to something permanent,” Hersh said.

Hersh continues that there is “something else cooking” as some in the US intelligence community know, and they reported it secretly, at the instigation of government officials at various levels in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Latvia, all of which are allies of Ukraine and declared enemies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hersh asserts that this Polish-led group “is no longer in fear of the Russian army,” but quietly urges Zelensky to find a way to end the war, even by resigning if necessary, and to allow the process of rebuilding his nation to begin.

Hersh notes that Zelensky “doesn’t budge” from his position, according to leaks and other known statements within the CIA, but that he “begins to lose the private support of his neighbors”.

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