Seemingly deserted: US soldier crosses the border into North Korea!


An American soldier crossed the border between the two Koreas, heading towards North Korea, during a tour of the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas, and with the full administration without permission, with the belief that he was being held.

According to what was reported, a US citizen crossed the heavily fortified border from South Korea into North Korea, where he was arrested.

The UN local command said on Tuesday, July 18, that the man is now in the custody of North Korean authorities.

“During an orientation tour of the Joint Security Area, a US soldier voluntarily and without permission crossed the line of contact,” said Colonel Isaac Taylor, a spokesman for US forces in South Korea.

CBS News reported that the citizen was a regular in the US Army and the process of returning him to the United States was underway for disciplinary reasons, but he was able to leave the airport and join the group conducting the tour.

According to the United Nations, the American citizen was participating in a tour along the South Korean part of the Demilitarized Zone that separates the two Koreas, which are still officially at war since the outbreak of conflict between them in the 1950s.

The US State Department strongly advises its citizens not to travel to North Korea, due to the risk of arrest and prolonged and illegal detention.

The US State Department stated that it’s unable to provide assistance to US citizens in North Korea because the United States has diplomatic or consular relations with North Korea, which is largely isolated internationally.

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