Scholz: Putin must be prevented from winning the war


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that he still refuses to adopt the argument that Ukraine must win the war against Russia.

During a conference for the editor-in-chief of the German News agency DPA, Scholz said on Monday, “I still adhere to the language I chose, which is that Vladimir Putin must be prevented or Russia must be prevented from winning this war”.

Scholz voted as a member of the German Parliament last Thursday in a name vote in favor of a memorandum submitted by the ruling coalition party blocs, which stated, “It’s necessary for the sake of peace in Europe and beyond that Ukraine wins this defensive battle”.

However, he still refused to adopt this formula since from the beginning of the war, when asked about it, he would only say that Russia should not win the war.

Scholz expressed his belief that there is now a situation in which this matter must be achieved so that Ukraine becomes able to defend its independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty as a state and so that there is no peace dictated by the Russians, noting that this matter “has very many requirements”.

He added, “This requires very massive support, and this is exactly what we are organizing, and we still have great support from the citizens of our country regarding this support”.

It’s noteworthy that Germany, after the United States, is the largest military and economic supporter of Ukraine in its response to the Russian invasion.

The value of the weapons that Germany has already supplied to Ukraine, or pledged to supply, has reached 28 billion Euros.

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