Sanchez will propose to the Spanish Parliament to recognize the Palestinian state by 2027


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced Saturday that he will propose to Parliament to vote in favor of Madrid’s recognition of the Palestinian state by the end of his term in 2027.

“During the mandate of this legislative council, I will propose to Parliament that Spain recognize the Palestinian state,” Sanchez said during an event organized by the Socialist Party in Bilbao.

He added, “We’ll do this out of moral conviction and for a just cause, and also because it is the only way through which two states, Israel and Palestine, can coexist in peace and security”.

Sanchez, who was re-elected in November 2023, previously expressed his desire for his country to recognize the Palestinian state, without specifying a date for this.

Spain is among the European Union countries most critical of Israel since the outbreak of war between Israel and the Palestinians after Hamas attack on October 7, last year.

Relations between Israel and Spain became tense due to Madrid’s position on the conflict.

Israel recalled its ambassador to Madrid in November after Sanchez questioned the legitimacy of the Israeli war in Gaza, then he returned in January.

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