Courts established by Russia in regions of eastern Ukraine have sentenced four Ukrainian soldiers to 20 years and a fifth to 17 years in prison, the Russian Investigative Committee announced Monday.

According to the statement by the Russian Investigative Committee, “The court sentenced Andrei Klimentovich, Artur Sivitsky and Ivan Melnyukovych to 20 years in a strict prison.

The committee published scenes of the three men handcuffed inside an indictment cage in court.

The commission of inquiry said the three men were guilty of brutal treatment of the civilian population and attempted murder.

According to the court, the three soldiers fought in Mariupol, which was taken over by Russian forces in May 2022 after a tight siege, and they prevented civilians from leaving the city through a humanitarian corridor.

In Lugansk, in eastern Ukraine, soldier Bogdan Smagha was sentenced to 17 years in prison for injuring civilians, according to the same source.

Ukrainian soldier Igor Lemyshev was also sentenced to 20 years in prison for bombing a residential area in an incident in which a civilian was killed.

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