Russian bombardment on various Ukrainian cities and Kiev is preparing for the major strike


New massive Russian attacks targeted Kiev and the cities of Lvov and Zaporizhia overnight, according to the Ukrainian military authorities, who didn’t report any immediate casualties.

The Civil and Military Administration in Kiev wrote on Telegram, a new heavy air attack on the capital, explaining that explosive drones attacked the city in batches from different directions.

“There is no information about casualties or destruction so far,” The Civil and Military Administration in Kiev added, noting that the alert lasted for more than three hours.

In Lviv, in the west of Ukraine, the head of the local administration, Maksim Kozitsky, wrote on Telegram that drones had hit a vital facility, without giving further details.

The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed at a later time that the Ukrainian air defenses shot down 28 of the 30 drones sent by Russian forces towards Ukraine during the night.

The military administration in Zaporizhia, in southern Ukraine, indicated that the city and its surroundings had been subjected to a heavy attack on civilian targets.

According to preliminary information from the General Staff, seven S300 missiles launched towards Zaporizhia and its suburbs.

“After a tumultuous night, the situation in Zaporizhia has become stable,” the city’s municipal council secretary, Anatolia Kortev, wrote on Telegram.

“With God’s help, no injuries were recorded, and no residential building was damaged”.

Ukraine said on Monday it had knocked out Russian forces from an eighth village in its two-week-old counteroffensive, and a senior Defense Ministry official vowed a major strike in the coming days despite stiff resistance from Moscow.

Deputy Defense Minister Hana Malyar said Ukrainian forces had recaptured the village of Pyatikhatki, located in a heavily fortified sector of the front line near the closest direct routes to the country’s Sea of ​​Azov coast.

This came as part of Kiev’s progress of up to seven kilometers inside the Russian lines within two weeks, during which it controlled 113 square kilometers of land.

Malyar added, on Telegram, “The enemy won’t easily abandon its positions, and we must prepare ourselves for a difficult confrontation… The army is moving according to plan, and the major strike is yet to come”.

It said the fiercest fighting was taking place in eastern and southern Ukraine.

Separately, it said that the Ukrainian army had prevented Russia’s advance in the east, where it’s concentrating its units, including the Air Force.

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his videotaped nightly speech that the Kiev army is advancing in some sectors and seeking to repel intensified attacks in others.

However, he said the end result was in favor of Ukraine.

“We didn’t lose sites, but we liberated some of them… They only suffer losses,” he added.

Two videos posted by the Ukrainian army on Telegram showed what it said it had advanced to its forces to restore the village of Pyatikhatki, and they included several attacks on Russian sites and one of the military convoys.

A video showed thick smoke rising from the area while groups of Ukrainian armored vehicles were advancing on a country road.

At the end of the video, soldiers appeared standing in front of a building decorated with Ukrainian flags and saying that they had liberated the village.

They added, “Today, June 18, the forces of the 128th Battalion liberated the village of Pyatikhatki… The Russians fled, leaving behind equipment, weapons, and ammunition”.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote on Facebook that anti-aircraft units had shot down four cruise missiles and four Iranian-made drones in the past 24 hours.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote that Russia bombed more than 12 cities and villages in the Zaporizhia region, including Pyatikhatki.

The reports of the recapture of the villages reflect Ukraine’s incremental gains so far in sectors that Moscow has spent months consolidating.

However, the village of Pyatikhatki is of particular importance, as it’s located about 90 km from the coast.

On the other hand, Russia said that it had repelled many attacks and posted a video showing what its forces say was confiscated Western equipment.

The video showed what it said was a French-made tank that had been confiscated in the eastern Donetsk region, without referring to the village of Pyatikhatki.

Ukraine has acknowledged attacks on various areas of the 1,000-km front line in its long-awaited counter-offensive to retake 18% of its Russian-controlled territory, but is keen to control information for security reasons.

Both sides seem to have taken heavy losses in the fighting lately and both say the other side is bigger.

Ukraine prepared a group of fresh military units for the counterattack, while its brigades withstood the Russian winter offensive in the east.

At the Paris Air Show on Monday, Sergey Boyev, Ukraine’s deputy minister for strategic industries, told Reuters that Ukraine was in talks with Western arms manufacturers to boost production of weapons including drones, possibly even in Ukraine.

The conflict has claimed thousands of civilian lives, destroyed towns and cities, and forced millions of people from their homes, while increasing global inflation and reshaping security arrangements.

Russia says it invaded Ukraine to “cleanse it of Nazis”, an argument that Ukraine and its Western allies say is a front for a desire to seize territory.

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