Russia questions the authenticity of the leaking pentagon classified documents and considers them a trick


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced on Wednesday, that the leak of classified US documents may be nothing but false information aimed at misleading the Russian Federation.

Ryabkov told Russian reporters, that Moscow’s position on the leaking of information and the reason that led to this: “We don’t have a specific position, perhaps it would be interesting for someone to see these documents, if they were documents at all, or perhaps it’s fake, or perhaps it is misleading information published in the media”.

Ryabkov continued, saying, “Since the United States is a party to the conflict and, in fact, is waging a hybrid war against us, such techniques are possible to mislead the enemy, that is, the Russian Federation, and I’m not confirming anything, I only assume that all kinds of scenarios and models can be expected here”.

Dozens of classified US documents were recently leaked and published on the Internet, which necessitated the opening of a criminal investigation into a breach that the Pentagon says poses a serious danger to national security.

Many of these documents are related to Ukraine, and some of them indicate that the United States is monitoring its allies, while American officials seek to reassure them after the leaks.

These leaks are no longer available on the websites where they were first posted, amid reports that Washington is working to delete them.

Despite the possibility of falsification of some documents, the investigation reflects the extreme concern of the US government that the leaks revealed sensitive information about the war in Ukraine, the interception of allied communications, as well as the penetration of US intelligence services into Russian military plans, which affected the US relationship. with its allies.

Senior officials of the US President’s administration sought to intensify their contacts to calm foreign governments whose countries were mentioned in the files classified as secret or top secret.

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