Russia launches one of the largest strikes since the outbreak of war


On Saturday night, Russia launched the largest military strike on Ukraine using drones since the beginning of the war in February 2022, according to the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, General Mykola Oleshuk.

Kiev announced that a record number of drones, reaching 75 drones, were used in a large-scale attack that mainly targeted the capital, Kiev, as the main direction of the drones.

Patriot air defense system in Kiev and other targeted areas was unable to shoot down any drones during the massive attack, and the drones targeted ammunition depots, communications centers, concentrations, and the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

According to Russian sources, the number of drones or perhaps missiles launched during the attack exceeded 100.

This large-scale raid coincides with the frequency of news that the Russian army was able to gain a foothold in the northeastern part of the Avdiyevsky coke and chemical plant, on the burning central Donetsk front, where Ukrainian forces are retreating.

As the number of Ukrainian losses increased significantly, Russian fighters resumed their attack from the early morning on the positions and fortifications of the Ukrainian army in the region, which has become a node in the Eastern Front.

After the Russian forces surrounded Adviivka from the northern and southern sides, military experts estimate that the Russian forces will base their attack from now on completing the encirclement around the region and besieging the Ukrainian forces, after long months of fighting on this front, as it is expected that events will increasingly accelerates.

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