Russia intensifies its bombing of Kiev for the second day in a row and Ukrainian defenses are responding


The military administration of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, announced, Wednesday, that Russian forces launched an attack with Iranian-made Shahid drones on the Ukrainian capital on the night of July 12, for the second day in history.

“According to preliminary information, the enemy launched another air attack with drones on the capital,” said the head of the military administration of Kiev, Serhiy Popko, via Telegram.

“After a break of more than a week, the enemy launched an attack with Iranian-made drones on Kiev for the second day in a row, and warning sirens sounded for more than two hours,” Popko added.

“Ukrainian air defense units destroyed all enemy targets in the airspace around Kiev,” Popko said.

On its Telegram channel, the military administration in Kiev urged citizens to take shelter in shelters until the raids ended.

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