Russia continues its attacks on serval Ukrainian cities as fighting intensifies with a Ukrainian bombing two Russian villages


At least three people killed and 25 wounded when a rocket hit a residential building at dawn on Tuesday in Krypyi-ri in the Dnepropetrovsk region in central-eastern Ukraine, the local administration announced.

Dnepropetrovsk authorities reported on Twitter that a five-storey building destroyed.

Three of its residents killed, according to preliminary information, 25 people were wounded 19 of whom are in hospital.

The official of the Ukrainian military administration in the city, Oleksandr Filkol, had reported earlier on Telegram that high-precision missiles hit several locations in the city, including a five-storey residential building.

He later confirmed the death toll of 3 dead and 25 wounded, noting that seven people were still under the rubble.

The local administration published a picture showing the charred and severely damaged building, while smoke was rising from the upper floors.

In Kiev, the military administration reported on Tuesday morning strikes by cruise missiles at night.

“All enemy targets in the airspace around Kiev were detected and successfully destroyed,” the source confirmed.

For his part, the mayor of Kharkiv (northeast), Ihor Terekhov, announced that the marches targeted civilian infrastructure, noting that the offices of a company and a warehouse damaged.

On Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the counterattack launched by his forces against the Russian forces was difficult, but that it was moving forward, shortly after Kiev announced that it had regained control of seven villages.

In the same context, the governor of the Kursk region in Russia said that the bombing of Ukraine early on Tuesday morning damaged several houses and disrupted gas and electricity supplies in two villages in the region near the border with Ukraine.

Governor Roman Starovoit said via Telegram that nine houses were damaged, gas and electricity supplies were disrupted in the village of Tyrkino, and two houses caught fire.

He added that several houses in the village of Glushkovo were also damaged.

No information received yet about any human losses.

Kiev almost never claims responsibility for attacks inside Russia or on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine.

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