Russia brings France back to Syria

On 15 July 2018, just before the World Cup Final, President Putin agreed to meet with his French partner President Macron.

During this meeting, President Macron conceded that the West had lost the war against Syria.

He then mentioned the desire on the part of his country to carry out a humanitarian operation in Syria.

The details of the joint humanitarian operation were articulated and agreed in a telephone conversation between the two Heads of States that took place on 21 July.

Till now, French humanitarian actions were targeted exclusively at the “rebels”, that is, those living in the areas controlled by the jihadists.

Numerous Western Humanitarian forces and French forces in particular, served as a cover for handing over military equipment.

This is why the Syrian Arab Republic requested authorization to search the cargo on board the convoys.

Bar the last three months of Sarkozy’s presidency, the French Special Forces actively supported the jihadists throughout the war.

A Russian military transport plane, Antonov 124, collected 44 tones of humanitarian aid from Chateauroux (the center of France) and transported it to the Russian base in Khmeimim (West Syria).

The Russian army will distribute this on behalf of France, focusing on Eastern Ghouta.

Despite the crimes that the last three French governments committed in Syria, Russia appears to be a wanting to sponsor a possible return by France to Syria.

Voltaire Network

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