Robert Ford: The aid airdrop in Gaza is the worst Israeli humiliation for America


Former US Ambassador Robert Ford said that the United States, which will carry out an airdrop of aid into Gaza, is being exposed to the worst humiliation by Israel.

The US Army launched an airdrop of food and supplies into Gaza in the first phase, joining other countries such as France, Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE.

In this regard, Ford, who served as US ambassador to Syria and Algeria, wrote in a post on X, “I saw Israel insulting previous US administrations, but apart from the deadly Israeli air strike in 1967 against the US Navy ship Liberty, the United States are now being forced to airdrop aid into Gaza as if the United States is no better than Egypt and Jordan, and it’s the worst Israeli humiliation of the United States that I have ever witnessed”.

US President Joe Biden announced on Friday that the United States would begin airdropping humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip in the coming days, two days after the killing of 116 Palestinians on al Rashid Street in northern Gaza.

Biden told reporters at the White House, “We’ll join our friends in providing aid dropped from the air,” noting that “the flow of aid to Gaza is insufficient,” and that his administration “will do its best to deliver more aid to Gaza”.

Ford added in his post, “And I must add that the United States will airdrop humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza if the Israeli Air Force graciously agrees not to shoot down American planes over Gaza”.

Regarding his statement that the United States isn’t better than Egypt and Jordan, Ford explained, “It’s not better, not in any moral sense, but the United States is supposed to have greater and closer relations with Israel than relations between Israel and Jordan or Egypt, however, Washington has no greater influence than Cairo or Amman on Israel’s actions in the humanitarian field in Gaza”.

It’s worth noting that, in a new slip of the tongue, Biden told reporters at the White House, during his announcement of the United States’ participation in the airdrops, “We’ll join our friends in Jordan and others in airdrops of food and additional supplies to Ukraine,” adding, “We’ll seek to continue the opening other routes to Ukraine, including the possibility of establishing a sea corridor to deliver large amounts of humanitarian aid”.

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