Reuters: Saudi Arabia waives some of its conditions for normalization with the occupation


Saudi Arabia appears ready to accept a political commitment from Israel to establish a Palestinian state as part of the normalization process according to Reuters.

This aims to obtain approval for a defense agreement with the United States before the US presidential elections, and two regional sources confirm to Reuters that Saudi Arabia is seeking to enhance its security and repel threats from Iran, with the aim of achieving stability in the region and attracting large foreign investments.

The report indicates that Saudi officials informed their US counterparts that Riyadh doesn’t insist on Israel taking concrete steps towards establishing a Palestinian state, but rather accepts a political commitment to the two-state solution.

In a secret move, Saudi Arabia urged Washington to put pressure on Israel to end the Gaza war and its commitment to a political horizon for a Palestinian state.

If this is achieved, Riyadh will normalize relations and support the reconstruction of Gaza.

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan, confirmed in an interview with CNN last month that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for talks with Israel with the aim of resolving the Palestinian issue and achieving stability in the region, and indicated that normalization depends on progress towards a two-state solution and that they are ready to participate.

In these talks, emphasizing the importance of a credible and irreversible process towards the establishment of a Palestinian state.

On the other hand, it appears that Saudi Arabia is still interested in reaching an agreement to normalize relations with Israel after the end of the war in Gaza, and the price required for normalization may have risen due to the aggression on Gaza, and in his recent trip to the Middle East, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, confirmed, Normalization talks continue and there is a clear interest in the region to promote this trend.

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