Retired Israeli General: Hamas is waging the war with a strategic vision and Israel has sunk into useless tactical military considerations in the Gaza Strip


The former Director of Operations at the Israeli Ministry of Defense, retired General Israel Ziv, said that Israel was immersed in tactical military considerations in the Gaza Strip without any strategic vision, unlike Hamas, which possesses this vision, and moved from the stage of direct military conflict to a guerrilla war that harms the Israeli army.

In an interview with Maariv newspaper, General Ziv (who held, among other senior positions, command of the Paratrooper Corps and the Gaza Division during the Second Intifada) said that Hamas is no longer looking for victory in a direct clash, but rather what it’s currently concerned with is guerrilla warfare, while Israel is immersed in tactical combat considerations; You act as if you have all the time and don’t feel the influence of other factors on time.

General Ziv added that Hamas, unlike the Israeli army, has modified its method of fighting as a change in its strategy, and is generally waging a complex battle, saying that guerrilla warfare (including explosive trap tactics) – which has become similar to the guerrilla war that Hezbollah was waging – suits the movement and inflicts losses on Israel because Its army in its current form isn’t designed to have its divisions remain in every part of Gaza.

But what is going on in the mind of Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, that he insists on rejecting a prisoner deal and doesn’t show any flexibility?

Retired General Ziv believes that Israel is losing valuable time, and that Sinwar is aware of the international pressure on it and knows that its credit is eroding and that US patience will soon end, and therefore he doesn’t want to engage with it in something that strengthens it, and he is resisting the pressure for that.

According to General Ziv, Sinwar doesn’t care about external pressures on him, if any.

He wants to end the war so that Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip while dragging the tails of defeat.

To achieve this, he invests in the current humanitarian catastrophe and seeks to ignite the region in the month of Ramadan, exploiting Israel’s mistakes or provocations that lead to a total explosion… He emerges victorious.

Ziv called for accepting the US proposal as the only way to change the current situation, by replacing Hamas in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah), but with the imposition of conditions that include Israeli control over civilian rule there (which will eventually gain international legitimacy), humanitarian aid, and keeping the army, until all Hamas forces are dismantled.

General Ziv accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of intransigence by insisting on an exclusively tactical approach that doesn’t achieve strategic gains or change in the war, but rather makes Israel drag its feet without a clear goal.

As for Rafah, he recommended avoiding entering it without coordination, specifically during Ramadan, saying that it’s not as important as it’s necessary to storm it now, because any mistake in a place crowded with hundreds of thousands of refugees will further harm Israel’s international image.

Regarding Lebanon, General Ziv called not only for directing strikes against Hezbollah in the south, but also for exploiting the fragile situation of the Lebanese government to put pressure on it, including threatening to target infrastructure.

He said that even if Hezbollah is losing the battle tactically, it’s controlling its narrative that it won’t stop the fighting before a ceasefire in Gaza.

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