Responsible Statecraft: The West must take steps to avoid Ukraine collapse


According to Responsible Statecraft magazine, the West must push Kiev towards negotiations with Moscow before Ukraine collapses completely, pointing to the Pope’s recent call on the losing side to surrender.

The American notable magazine said: “The question facing Western leaders is simple; Are we willing to bet on an unexpected change in the situation on the battlefield, even if this threatens the collapse of the Ukrainian army and thus the collapse of Ukraine as a state?”

“If they aren’t prepared, it’s likely time to insist on negotiations before the situation gets worse”.

The Magazine pointed out that the military and political problems in Ukraine make its victory impossible, especially in light of the lack of weapons, failures on the front, lack of US aid, and internal political disputes.

The Magazine pointed out that Russia produces ammunition in larger quantities than NATO can transfer to Ukraine, which gives Moscow a great advantage, expressing her support for the position of Pope Francis, who called on the losing party in the Ukrainian conflict to be courageous and raise the white flag.

The Magazine concluded, “All of this helps to understand why the Pope’s comments, especially outside Europe and the United States, seem closer to reality than the statements issued by European capitals”.

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