Report: Qatar evacuated the Syrian Embassy building in Doha of Syrian Opposition representatives


Reports indicated that Qatari authorities emptied the building of the Syrian embassy in Doha, and expelled representatives of the Syrian opposition coalition, in what’s look like a line with Turkiye’s declaration of its desire to restore and normalize relations with the Syrian government.

An Adviser to the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, Wael al Khalidi, stated on Twitter that Qatari authorities had emptied the building of the Syrian embassy in the Qatari capital in preparation for handing it over to the Syrian government, and that the charge d’affaires of the embassy, ​​Bilal Turkiyeh, had been transferred to an attached building.

Al Khalidi explained that based on Türkiye’s directives and as a prelude to normalization with Syrian government, many of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Türkiye, including Basil Haffar, a member of the Brotherhood’s political bureau in Syria, have moved their families to London and some have moved them to other European countries, and that whoever chooses to stay will abide by media silence.

Last September, sources said that the Turkish intelligence service had informed the members of the Syrian Opposition Coalition of the need to leave Turkish territory.

It was also clarified that the funding countries have stopped covering financial and personal expenses and travel fares incurred by political and social activities, seminars and meetings held by the members of the Syrian opposition in Turkish cities.

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