Qatar Energy signed an agreement to acquire 40% of Mauritanian exploration


Mauritanian Hydrocarbons (government), Shell International and Qatar Energy Company signed, on Tuesday in Nouakchott, an agreement under which the Qatari company will acquire 40% of the C10 offshore exploration block off the coast of Mauritania.

According to the Mauritanian News Agency, the agreement was signed on the Mauritanian side by the Director General of Mauritanian Hydrocarbons Trade, Ould Abdel Baqi, and on behalf of Qatar Energy Company, the director of the exploration and exploration sector in the company, Ali al Maneh, and on behalf of the Shell company that operates the exploration area, its director in Mauritania, Turkir Sengonel.

According to the same source, the agreement will accelerate drilling operations at the level of offshore block C10 and raise the pace and quality of exploration in the adjacent block C2.

In a speech on the occasion, the general manager of the Mauritanian Hydrocarbons Company said that this agreement aims to accelerate the discovery process, noting that the exploration operations will show promising quantities of oil in Mauritania.

Area C10 covers an area of ​​about 11,500 square kilometers, and lies about 50 kilometers off the coast of Mauritania, in waters ranging from 50 to 2,000 meters in depth.

The massive Mauritanian gas discoveries have opened the appetite of international and European companies in particular, as the activities of companies operating in the field of oil and gas in Mauritania have escalated during the recent period.

Among the companies that have, contracts with the Mauritanian government in the field of oil and gas exploration are the British Petroleum, the US “Cosmos Energy” and “Exxon Mobil”, and the French “Total”.

According to data from the Mauritanian Ministry of Petroleum, the discovered gas reserves in Mauritania estimated at more than 100 trillion cubic meters.

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