Poll: Almost half of Germans expect the ruling coalition to collapse before the next elections


The results of a poll conducted in Germany revealed that approximately half of Germans expect the ruling coalition to collapse before the next parliamentary elections scheduled to be held in the fall of 2025.

The current coalition consists of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, and the Free Democratic Party.

The results of the poll conducted by the YouGov Institute for measuring opinion for the German News Agency, showed that 27% of Germans eligible to vote expect the end of the coalition next year, while another 21% expected the coalition to last until 2025, but they said that it will collapse before the federal parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, 34% of those surveyed expected the tripartite coalition to continue until the next elections.

There is increasing speculation that the country will hold early elections for the Federal Parliament or make a change in the ruling coalition, due to differences between the coalition parties in budget policy and other issues.

In this case, for example, Schulz’s Socialist Party and the Christian Union, which leads the opposition, together have a majority in the Bundestag.

According to the poll, the estimates of supporters of the ruling coalition parties differed about the future of this coalition, as a majority of 58% of the Green Party supporters expressed their belief in the continuation of the coalition until the 2025 elections, while this percentage reached only 43% among the Socialist Party supporters and 40% among the Liberal Party supporters.

On the other hand, the majority of opposition party supporters expressed their belief that there was a sign of the early collapse of the ruling coalition, and the percentage of those who held this opinion among supporters of the Christian Union which includes the Christian Democratic Party and its younger brother, the Bavarian Christian Social Party, reached 54%, and this percentage rose among supporters of the Alternative Party. Germany order to reach 65%.

Also, 48% of Left Party supporters expressed their belief that the coalition would collapse before the elections, compared to 41% who expected it to continue until the date of these elections in the fall of 2025.

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