Politico: Schumer’s speech puts the Pro-Israel lobby in a difficult position


The Politico newspaper said that a rebuke directed by the leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, Chuck Schumer, against Israel puts the Zionist lobby in the United States, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in a sensitive position.

Politico explained that Schumer issued a sharp rebuke last Thursday to the Israeli leadership amid the war with Hamas.

In a statement, he described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a major obstacle to peace and said that there is a need to hold new elections in Israel.

Politico pointed out that AIPAC’s reaction, so far, is largely silent, and didn’t even mention Schumer’s name in its response to his statements.

Instead, the group stressed Israel’s sovereignty, called for more resources for it, and threw Blaming Hamas for the conflict.

Politico newspaper commented that Schumer’s rebuke of the Israeli leadership broke a long-standing precedent in US foreign policy, and that AIPAC’s almost silent reaction underscores the difficulties it faces in a conflict that is testing its political influence.

The war in Gaza has also proven to be increasingly risky for Democrats, and makes matters difficult; Comfortable between AIPAC and some old allies in the party.

Politico stated that the Democrats are under pressure from their base to put pressure on Israel, and this makes things uncomfortable between AIPAC and some old allies in the party.

Politico quoted Bobby Rechnitz, a businessman close to Netanyahu in California, as saying that Schumer’s speech put AIPAC in a difficult position, noting that this group hasn’t historically pursued US leaders in power, such as the Speaker of the House of Representatives or the leader of… Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Incumbent President, or Secretary of State.

Rechnitz said that AIPAC may be uncomfortable with these statements, and may feel shocked by them, but in terms of work, “I don’t know what they can do to try to influence change at this point by making this kind of talk”.

Politico newspaper indicated that the group is on its way to spending $100 million during the 2024 cycle to help elect pro-Israel candidates, and is looking forward to the demise of progressives whom it considers hostile to Israel.

Politico added that among the group’s targets are Representatives Jamaal Bowman (Democrat from New York) and Cori Bush (Democrat from Missouri), who face strong competitors.

It quoted Schumer himself as saying that his long relationship with AIPAC goes beyond any president or prime minister.

One of Schumer’s former aides said that his statements appeared to be for local marketing only, and his statements appeared to be political in nature, given the level of concern within his party about Israel’s actions.

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