Politico revealed that the US President will submit a request to Congress on Thursday, to obtain billions of dollars in new funding to be provided as military aid to Ukraine.

Politico reported, citing sources, that President Joe Biden expected to announce his request for additional aid to Ukraine on Thursday.

According to the sources, the amount of the new request directed at Congress amounts to billions of dollars, in addition to the supply of weapons to Kiev, and includes other aid from the United States, as the Biden administration intends to include funds intended to help Taiwan in the same request.

According to Politico, another support request can be obtained from members of Congress in conjunction with the adoption of a mechanism aimed at a new reduction in US government spending.

The Pentagon’s deputy spokesman, Sabrina Singh, said on Tuesday that the US administration has $ 6 billion in funds earmarked for aid to Ukraine, which it can continue to use now without resorting to Congress for additional funding.

Meanwhile, US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the US will announce a new package of military aid to Ukraine this week.

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