Politico: Arab countries to put restrictions on the United States use of their territories to launch attacks against Syria, Iraq, and Yemen


Politico said that some Arab countries, including the UAE, are working to impose restrictions on the ability of the United States to use military bases on its territory to carry out air strikes against resistance movements in the Middle East.

Sources told Politico that these restrictions come as a result of the desire to… By not appearing, these countries are very close to the West and Israel in front of public opinion.

A US official who is an assistant to a congressman, and Western officials explained that the increase in the number of civilian casualties in Gaza led some Arab countries, especially those seeking rapprochement with Iran, to restrict the use of the United States and its allies of its bases to carry out air strikes against resistance movements in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

The US official noted that some Arab countries restrict access to US military bases and the movement of aircraft participating in these strikes.

These leaks come in the context of the recent US attacks on Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, where US and British planes launched air strikes on the Ras Issa area in Yemen.

It’s noteworthy that armed group in Iraq announced earlier targeting US bases in Kuwait and the UAE in response to the Zionist entity (Israel) and the United States attacks.

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