Paris attack sponsored by ISIS

The attacker of the Paris which killed one person and wounded four others, was a Chechen born in 1997 Hamza Azimov… His parents were arrested.

A French judicial source said that the attacker of the attack in Paris on Saturday night was born in Chechnya in Russia in 1997.

The source added that the man’s father was arrested.

The attacker was shot and killed minutes after the attack, which killed one person and wounded four others in a crowded area near the Paris Opera at around 9 pm on Saturday.

An organization claimed responsibility for the attack.

The French authorities did not confirm the involvement of the organization, but said it was dealing with the incident as a terrorist attack.

The terrorist attacks have left more than 240 people dead in France since early 2015, and he has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks.

The organization repeatedly calls on its supporters to attack civilians in France and other countries involved in the international coalition, which is fighting in Syria and Iraq.

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