Opinion poll: The vast majority of Russians trust and support Vladimir Putin


An opinion poll conducted by the Public Opinion Fund for Social Studies showed that Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoys the confidence of 79% of Russians.

The results of the survey showed that 80% of participants evaluated President Vladimir Putin’s activities positively.

According to the poll, 79% of participants expressed their confidence in the Russian President, while 12% had the opposite opinion.

It worth mentioning that Russia will have a presidential election next May, as Russian president Vladimir Putin, is most likely to remain in power.

The head of the Russian Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, said this month in an interview with the Russian TASS news agency that more than 30 people are seeking to run in the upcoming Russian presidential elections, and that the presidential election campaign will certainly be competitive.

The head of the Russian Central Election Commission noted that the candidates now have organizational time and hold events, and parties hold conferences.

On the eighth of this month, Putin announced his candidacy for a new presidential term during the next elections in 2024.

Vladimir Putin’s current term as president ends on May 7 of next year, 2024.

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