One and final Turkish ((Account Inventory)) before the expected change – Part two

The current problem between the Turkish government and a number of EU governments, particularly Germany and the Netherlands, is that these two important countries in Europe, are two main EU countries, and the two countries with a very high Turkish population.

More than five million Turkish origin, or even Turkish citizens in fact, combining the both citizenship German or Dutch and Turkish, just like my case for example.

In Germany there are more than five million Turks, while in the Netherlands there are more than a half million, which but the Turk origin group as the third largest group of residents in the Netherlands.

The problem with the nature of the personal in my humble opinion, that is not in any way biased to either side, is not about the restriction or prevention of promotional campaigns and election festivals carried out by supporters of the AK Parti and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the upcoming referendum and many of them in fact here in Germany at least, in addition to the Netherlands also.

The problem is that some European countries have banned the pro-national festivals in their countries, were purely an internal affair related to domestic calculations regarding preventing the right-wing forces to bid in the electoral battles, when they see Turkish activities on its soil as an «Islam phobia» agenda that intimidates and intimidates Europeans, which is caused by the flood of refugees and the majority of Syrians who have left their country as a result of war in their country for the last six years.

Last year, I wrote an article about this topic and the Turkish role in the refugee crisis in Europe, which in one way or another caused a major dispute between Turkey and the EU countries today (see my previous article on the link below).

It is no secret that Turkey as a country is unpopular in Europe in general, and this is related to historic and religious roots since the reign of the Ottoman Empire, therefore, I find it almost impossible to see Turkey someday joining the European Union.

European countries simply will not allow the state’s that has a large area that exceeds many of EU Countries like France, Germany and Spain, with a large population of Muslims, and with these facts Turkey, if it joins the EU, it will became the largest Country in the EU with its large Muslim population, adding to that millions of other Turks or Muslims from Arab or other origins are in fact in the EU country, that will give to majority voice and VETO to them, to decide many issues inside the EU, which is the thing that, Europe will not accept it at all.

Turkey to be the largest Country in EU, this is impossible to be accepted by the Europeans.

On this subject I have two personal stories proving this and the people opinion by themselves.

I’ve a Syrian friend, who told me these two stories.

My friend’s family in Damascus has an Armenian friend, who was a goldsmith.

He traveled to France for some time to visit relatives, and after a while after he returned to Syria, he was visiting the family of my Syrian friend.

During some talking and chitchat, my friend asked his Armenian friend about Turkey joins the EU.

The Armenian jeweler laughed and said: Did you know that the municipal councils in Paris number are twenty and more than half of them have mayors of Armenian origin, how do you think that France will agree to Turkey’s accession to the European Union?

The second story took place in 2008, also my Syrian friend.

He was on a business trip from Damascus to Aleppo.

A day before his return to Damascus, he went to the train station in Aleppo to book the return ticket, and while my friend was at the train station, some guy came to him and asked him in English that has some accent, do you speak English, my friend respond, Yes, is there anything that I can help you with, he answers «Yes, I am from Spain and I came to Syria about a week ago after a tour in Syria, before that I was in Turkey, and now I want to book a train ticket from Aleppo to Tabriz in Iran and I did not find anyone who can speak English to help me inquire For the date of the trip and booking the appropriate ticket, my friend went with this Spanish tourist and helped him to explain to the ticketing officer what was the required and after the order was booked and everything was done, he thanked my friend for help and told him that Syria is a very nice country but the problem is that he didn’t find someone that speak English to help him, and after a while of chatting between my friend and this Spanish tourist, my friend asked the Spanish tourist about his tour.

He answered that he was in Turkey before coming to Syria and is now going to Iran.

One of the questions my friend asked him was about his opinion in Turkey, The Spanish tourist replied that he was not comfortable In Turkey, my friend got puzzled about that and said to him, Turkey is a beautiful country and soon will join the European Union, the Spanish tourist laughed and said it will not happen not in a million years.

Really what’s up with everyone being told about Turkey’s joining the EU and respond negative with laugh?

What those stories are only a small sample of the problem, and we can find many statements from many European officials same thing for years now.

The current problem and its signs began with the war in Syria.

Turkey has provided all forms of support to all groups that are fighting in Syria since the beginning of the crisis there.

The Government of Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (Justice and Development party) has stood against the Syrian leadership, despite the strong friendship and brotherhood that existed before the events.

In spite of Turkey’s role in containing millions of Syrians on its territory regardless of entering into a debate on this matter and its dimensions, we must be honest with ourselves and talk about some facts.

Practically, Turkey has been financing, arming and providing all forms of support to groups that are classified as terrorist by the recognition of many officials and politicians in the world, and anyone can find millions of evidence and proofs confirmed that by voice and image.

The vast majority of all the militants and terrorists who entered Syria across the Turkish border, most of them joined the Islamic state or other group like Al Nusra front, currently known as the Liberation Front of Sham or Fatah al-Sham, which is considered as Al-Qaeda wing in Syria.

And with that being said, Turkey somehow has both hands in this story the one allowing terrorist to enter to fight insides Syria and Iraq and that played an important role for the situation is Syria to get more tumble and complicated, forcing the Syrian to flee to Turkey and later to Europe, and also it has hand somehow of many terrorist who left Syria and Iraq to Europe to perform some terrorist attacks there and also sadly Turkey itself faced many terrorist attacks in this past months with hope for not facing another.

The End of Part 2

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