On what’s hand their blood

After the military operation launched by Turkey called the olive branch, which aims to attack the area of Afrin in the north of Syria, an area controlled by Kurdish groups known to be classified by Ankara as terrorist groups.

The history of Turkish-Kurdish conflict has long been known & the Turkish position from these groups.

Turkish military operations that were waged over the past decades against Kurdish organizations that take the Marxist-communist track such as PKK, which was led by Abdullah Ocalan, who’s been in Turkish person,
These operations used to be launched in the past at northern Iraq & south east areas of Turkey for years.

Turkeys quests for decades, trying to end their existence and their threatening Turkish security.

In 1998 a war was almost break out between Syria & Turkey due to the presence of these groups & their leader Abdullah Ocalan in Syria.

Our issue is put the end of the Syrian war, even slowly.

Meanwhile the situation becoming a matter of realism after the low level of military operations throughout Syria & its decline within limited geographical areas, specifically in the province of Idlib In addition to areas of the eastern Ghouta in Damascus, all other areas have become largely under the control of the Syrian government & if the matter is resolved & reaches a political agreement, will mean the end of the Syrian war.

As for ISIS, is now in the midst of isolated, paralyzed outposts placed under control & will be eliminated in time.

Since the beginning of the Turkish military operation & position taken by Moscow was clear, but with the voices emerged from the Kurdish side accuses Russia of being a partner in the ongoing operation.

Kurdish accusations have begun to focus on Russia & hold them responsibility, as they are partners in what is happening to them.

The fact that Russia doesn’t have anything or ignore is that care about the issue in the real sense, in other words, what will Russia gain if the Kurds are slaughtered.
The problem is unfortunately borne by the intransigence of the Kurds themselves, because what Russia is looking for from the beginning is the unity of the Syrian land & its sovereignty under a unified, legitimate government according to international consensus & recognition on a geographical area that is the internationally recognized territory of Syria in its all national, ethnic & religious components.

The aim is sovereignty, that is, the sovereignty of the state on its territory.

This offer was presented to the Kurds in Afrin.

The Kurds were told to hand over the area to the legitimate Syrian government, so that the flag of the Syrian state will rise & returning all official institutions & public services etc…,back to the area as it should be, just to remove all excuses from Turkey’s hand.

But unfortunately, the Kurds, according to their nature & intransigence without thinking & seeing the facts, brought them to what they are exposed to and will be exposed to.

Unfortunately, there is a stupid idea among some of the Kurds.

They are very foolish, because they have fallen victim to the superpowers, which will lead them to a real death, because they are simply a minority in a region surrounded by big states with their own interests & policies.

When a certain minority located in a sensitive geographical area surrounded by big states, the minority’s destiny is to be victimized by manipulation, victim of blackmail & victim of exploitation, their children will be used as fuel for war that in its core means nothing to their future, despite the usage of some titles & headlines that amused their desire, just to encourage them to go all the line & far away without knowing what is there real reason behind that.

The truth that must not be forgotten by all is that the authority & the superpower alone bear responsibility for what is happening to the Kurds, and what sheds their blood today is the United States of America.

The US has instigated & armed the Kurds, the US alone convinced some Kurdish parties that they will have a state & will have an armed authority, in fact the stupid American administration run by a stupid person surrounded by a group of ignorant & insane creatures, able to convince the Kurds with all those illusions & exploited their daydreams to achieve something his fate is known in advance.

The fact, the fate of a people cannot be handed over to a stupid person who knows nothing about geography, history & politics.

The whole issue could have been resolved without the Kurds being subjected to any abomination; because the Kurds in Afrin & throughout Syria are Syrian citizens at the end whether some people liked it or not.

It is unfortunate that even Turkey is using Syrians in its operation.

So. Whoever fights & kills on both sides is Syrian on a Syrian soil, serving the policy & plans of others & carrying about security needs of others.

I don’t wonder what is going on in Syria for years is the same, because the biggest problem in what happened in Syria is the Syrians themselves.

Syrians are killing Syrians and foreign forces are coming with money & weapons to continue the killing.

They haven’t only done so; they have also brought criminals from the countries all over the world to Syria to get rid of them if they were killed in Syria.

On the other hand, destruction under different slogans & names, including national and religious, and in the end, we see nothing but destruction & murder, in both cases the deal of those great powers is a bargain & the result is a devastating country & sons killing each other.

The question here is when we want to talk about who is stupid.

Who is the stupid here & who is the one to blame & what that will bring?

In our time & history, we have found that the idea of a Kurdish state will not work because it is very simple.

It is besieged by countries that oppose the idea of its existence, in addition to the fact that this state is inseparable from the world & the countries surrounding it will crush it immediately & that if it established.

The question of the existence of the Kurds doesn’t mean anyone in the world, Kurds, shouldn’t compare themselves & their situation to Israel.

Don’t risk the lives of your people & enough shedding blood, because in the end that’s being killed on the ground is Syrian citizens.

To talk about illusion of the national principle of states has become as stupid & fateful as the fate of Nazi Germany, who is looking for national fanaticism & nation-state will be annihilated.

Kurdish rationality now, if there is a thing called Kurdish rationality, is required immediately.

Because the United States of America cannot be trusted or relied upon, the US has historical precedents in abandoning its allies & the fall of the Kurds children even others means absolutely nothing to the US.

Kurds are being used as a card & will be burned when they done using it.

They will get nothing & will be victims in the old played American game that has so many fell in it before & Kurds are no exception.

Kurds will be the biggest losers.

Although there are those who blame & bear the Kurdish blood that is flowing in Afrin & will be spread in other places soon, we hope not, as the Americans have planned, under the leadership of their crazy president.

Through centuries, every conflict & bloodshed took place in the world, we look for the hands of the Great Britain.

After the 1st, 2nd World Wars & the Suez canal war 1956, the United States inherited the roll of the fallen empire to create problems in the world, especially in the middle east.


Oh, Kurds

Your blood is at the hands of the United States

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