Newsweek: Xi Jinping is preparing China for war


Chinese President Xi Jinping dismissed the supreme command of the Chinese missile force who’s in charge for all of the Chinese nuclear warheads, which are estimated to number about 400 nuclear warheads.

According to Newsweek magazine, the Chinese president dismissed both the commander of the missile force, Li Yuchao, and its political commissar, Xu Zhongbo, in a move he described as unprecedented, adding that the aforementioned leaders have been in hiding since their dismissal.

According to Newsweek, Li Yuchao’s deputy, Liu Guangbin, and his former deputy, Zhang Zhenzhong, also disappeared, and this coincided with news that another military commander, Wu Guohua, another deputy commander of the missile force, had committed suicide in early July.

Based on those events, the Chinese president is considering using his deadliest weapons, or at least threatening to use them, in other words, it looks like China is preparing to go to war.

The simultaneous dismissal of two big Chinese Army commanders at the top of the missile force’s command ladder is unprecedented, and the appointment of personalities to their positions who held positions in other branches of the army also unprecedented.

The new commander of the missile force, Wang Hubin, is from the Chinese Navy, and the new commissioner, Xu Shisheng, is from the Chinese Air Force.

The current sweeping purge of the Chinese military aimed at the endemic corruption in the upper echelons of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

The Chinese president, throughout his decade-long rule, has been tolerating corrupt senior officers in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army who owe him loyalty.

Therefore, the reason behind the “cleansing process” in the Chinese missile force has nothing to do with recent information regarding corruption, as these claims only used as a suitable pretext.

The most likely explanation for this purification process is related to something else, as the Chinese president, since the beginning of 2023, has been purging the Chinese Army officers who oppose war because it’s preparing for it.

The Chinese president and his ruling party are preparing for war, as it says that Xi Jinping talks a lot about war these days, and that his regime is preparing for it at a rapid pace.

The Chinese Communist Party is carrying out the largest military build-up since World War II, and at the same time trying to fortify the country against sanctions, stockpiling grain and necessary commodities, and gathering information about the United States to identify targets for strikes and sabotage operations, as well as mobilizing Chinese civilians for battle.

Regarding the motives that make the Chinese president choose to plunge his country into war, the situation in China is deteriorating rapidly, and that the blame for that placed on its president.

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