Newsweek: Russia deploys one of world’s most dangerous weapons in Ukraine


American military experts said that the Russian army has much more dangerous weapons than the US Himars missiles launcher.

The United States delivered the Himars to Ukraine, which is considered one of the most powerful Western weapons.

According to US military experts, Russia has more powerful combat systems in the area of ​​special operations, such as the TOS-1A Solnetsbek.

The Russian TOS-1 is in a very strong shock wave that can destroy buildings.
TOS-1A (Solentsebek) is an upgraded version of the TOS-1 heavy flamethrower that entered service with the Russian Army in 2001.

The newest combat complex has been exported to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Kazakhstan.

According to Newsweek, there is a widespread opinion among Western military experts that the TOS-1A Solentsebek is one of the most dangerous weapons in existence.

American analyst Jordan Cohen believes that the US HIMARS missiles launcher that was transferred to Ukraine isn’t as powerful as Russian thermal weapons, as the latter has a much larger impact radius.

The TOS-1A is designed to disable enemy equipment, as well as its fortifications.

The TOS-1A is 3.7 meters long and is placed on a tracked armored chassis, and the platform can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

One or two shots can be fired, depending on the target.

The automatic launch of the missiles takes six seconds, and the manual launch takes 12 seconds.

Western experts note that thermal weapons, in contrast to conventional weapons, have a much greater blast wave.

After detonation, the war materials mix with oxygen, creating a massive radius of destruction.

Jordan Cohen has stated that it is almost impossible to resist this gun after it has been turned on.

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