Newsweek: Hamas’s steadfastness means Israel’s failure to achieve its goals


A report by Newsweek magazine stated that Israeli sources have been confirming that they have succeeded in reducing the number of rocket attacks launched by resistance factions from Gaza, but at the same time they admit that they have not yet achieved their original goals, which complicates the situation for them.

The report quoted pro-Israel analyst Joe Trozman as saying that the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and its allies are now focusing on targeting Israeli forces inside Gaza, instead of launching rockets towards Israel.

He added that this does not mean that the bombing of Israel has stopped, but rather that the pace has decreased, and the Israeli army announces from time to time the launch of missiles towards areas inside Israel.

Trozman admitted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried to limit the threats of the Palestinian resistance factions through the ongoing war on Gaza, but so far, he still faces major challenges in achieving two main goals: the first is the eradication of Hamas, and the second is rescuing the prisoners.

He added that Netanyahu has so far failed to kill the head of the Hamas political bureau, Yahya Sinwar, or members of his inner circle.

Newsweek said that attacks against Israel are also continuing from the north, where Hezbollah has carried out dozens of attacks on Israeli targets.

Last week, Iraqi armed organizations announced a drone attack on the Israeli air base “Palmachim”.

Israel’s friend Trosman admitted – in his talk to Newsweek – that time isn’t in Israel’s interest, as pressure is increasing on it “to limit its operations”.

He said that Hamas benefits from prolonging the conflict, such that the longer it persists, the more difficult it becomes for Israel to achieve its goals.

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