New York Times: US report on special addiction led to deaths among Ukrainian soldiers


The New York Times reported that the Ukrainian military began to consume energy drinks excessively.

The New York Times quoted a Ukrainian soldier nicknamed “Skewer” (“crazy”), “In the morning when I wake up, I drink an energy drink… When I go on patrol, I drink an energy drink… Before the attack, I drink an energy drink”.

Another Ukrainian soldier, an infantry sergeant, said energy drinks were leading to deaths among the Ukrainian soldiers.

He spoke of one of his subordinates who was found at one point sitting motionless in the toilet with a can of energy drink in his hand, and doctors were unable to save him.

The Ukrainian soldier said that he consumed energy drinks regularly, although he had heart disease.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced more than once the increasing cases of drug detection in abandoned Ukrainian sites, which could explain the cruelty and aggression of Ukrainian forces towards the residents of Donbas.

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