New York Times: The CIA established a network of secret bases in Ukraine on the border with Russia


The New York Times reported, citing sources, that the CIA has established over the past eight years a network of secret bases in Ukraine along the border with Russia.

The New York Times explained, “For more than a decade, the United States has fostered a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine, where the CIA has been able to provide intelligence to the Ukrainians for targeted missile strikes, track Russian troop movements and help maintain spy networks”.

The New York Times added, “The CIA helped Kiev train a new generation of Ukrainian spies operating in Russia and throughout Europe”.

The New York Times stressed that Ukraine’s cooperation with the US intelligence services isn’t a product of wartime, and Kiev isn’t the only beneficiary, while this partnership has turned Ukraine into a center for collecting intelligence information.

The CIA director, William Burns, said in an article for the Foreign Affairs newspaper that the United States has lost its superiority due to the growing influence of Russia and China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long blamed Western intelligence agencies for manipulating Kiev and sowing anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine.

Russia has confirmed, through the words of many officials, that the West’s incitement to Ukraine, its supply of weapons and money, and its publication of misleading and inflammatory media campaigns against Russia are considered direct involvement in the war against Russia.

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