Washington imposed new sanctions on dealing with the automobile industry in Russia.

This measure raises major questions and inquiries among many people about the impact of these sanctions on the Russian automotive industry, which has witnessed remarkable development even after foreign companies withdrew from the Russian market.

The Russian automobile sector has shown great progress in the recent period after Western companies withdrew from the Russian market due to sanctions.

After that, Russia focused its attention on cooperation with China, and launched joint projects in the field of automobile manufacturing.

According to Maxim Rakitin, who is an Auto expert, the Western restrictions may not have a significant impact on the Russian auto sector.

He said that the processes of localization of the production of final goods continue to increase.

However, there are some machinery, equipment, electronic devices and other related things that still need to be imported from abroad.

It’s possible that the supply of these European, Japanese and other machines and equipment will stop in the future, making reliance on Chinese technology likely.

Rakitin points out that these new restrictions are primarily aimed at obstructing cooperation between Russia and China in the automotive sector, at a time when China is significantly expanding its activity in the European market.

Meanwhile in the US, The American Union of Auto Workers (UAW) announced a mass strike at General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis factories.

In a speech broadcast on the union’s official channel on YouTube, Sean Fein, president of the American Auto Workers Union, announced on September 15, 2023, a historic decision in which three senior members would participate in the strike at the same time.

Union members are calling on US automakers to significantly increase wages, improve retirement, and increase the number of vacations, in addition to other incentives.

The union set the deadline to meet its demands last Thursday, but because an agreement hadn’t been reached until then, the union decided to go on strike.

About 150,000 union members work at the plants of the three largest automakers in the United States.

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