New book in the United States sheds more light on the state of the US President’s health as his slips have increased recently


A new book, which is expected to be published next week, sparked controversy about the ability of US President Joe Biden to perform his presidential duties at the present time, and raised doubts about his ability to continue to work efficiently if he wins a second term in the upcoming presidential elections.

The new book bears the name “The Last Politician” by American writer Franklin Foer, who spoke about Biden’s lacking the ability to carry out tasks with the required efficiency.

“Joe Biden represents a vital asset in terms of political experience, but his mental abilities deteriorate due to his advanced age,” Foer says, noting that this is difficult to resist.

The writer talks about Biden not participating in the morning meetings in a large way, and he doesn’t participate in public activities at that time for health reasons, according to him.

Although the Foer didn’t mention the sources from which he was quoted what is going on with Biden inside the White House, he claimed that “the US president was secretly admitting from time to time that he felt unwell”.

The US President recently, fell into a lapse once again when he forgot the name of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

“The man who took the job”, with these words, US President Joe Biden replaced the name of the US Secretary of Homeland Security, after he forgot his name, during a ceremony held to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights under the law.

“Secretary of Homeland Security! The man who took the job, thank you for accepting the job my friend”.

Biden had made repeated slips, as he recently mocked the Hawaii fires, after comparing the catastrophe of fires that hit the island, which was considered the worst in the last century in the United States, with a fire that broke out in his kitchen 15 years ago.

Cases of forgetfulness, misinformation, and slips of speech have been repeated by the US President since he took office, as sometimes he appears in a clip while he is being delivered on the air after the end of the press conference, or that he cannot get off the stage, or says false information while answering simple questions.

It’s noteworthy that Biden ran in the elections, in 2020, when he was 77 years old, against former US President Donald Trump, and managed to win the presidency.

And in case Biden manages to win the upcoming elections, his age at the end of his second presidential term will be 86 years, a point raised by his political opponents to use to promote his inability to perform the duties of the president, even though his potential rival, Donald Trump, is 77 years old.

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