Netanyahu: Israel won’t yield to Hamas’s imaginary demands


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once again called on Hamas to make concessions before further negotiations on a new ceasefire and the return of detainees in the Gaza Strip.

The right-wing politician said in a speech in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening, “We’re making great efforts to achieve success, but one thing is clear to you – we will not yield to Hamas’s imaginary demands”.

Israel didn’t send its negotiating team on Sunday to participate in the recent talks that took place in Cairo with the aim of reaching a ceasefire agreement in Gaza and the exchange of detainees in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, but a delegation from Hamas arrived in the Egyptian capital.

Among other things, Israel demands a list of names of detainees still held by Hamas before it agrees to participate in negotiations mediated by the United States, Egypt and Qatar; The talks are widely described as faltering, with wide gaps.

Netanyahu said it was too early to say whether there would be a solid framework for reaching an agreement in the next few days.

Israel also wants clarification on the number of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel that Hamas wants to release for each detainee released from Gaza.

According to recent reports in international media, the draft deal discussed in recent days could see 40 hostages exchanged for 400 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, however, Netanyahu said he hasn’t yet received satisfactory responses regarding Israeli concerns.

He rejected international pressure to end the war before Israel achieves all its goals, “With or without an agreement, we will fight until complete victory,” Netanyahu said.

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